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total cost of constructing a deck

Cheap results being expensive

Hardydeck outlet is THE location for cheap decking boards in the types of ipe and tigerwood (both durability class 1). When an average hardwood deck with the competitor costs € 75 to € 130 per m², the exact same decking is only € 48.50 at Hardydeck outlet.

Why build a deck

The construction of a deck is not only an enjoyment but also gives added value to your home. Swampy corners in the garden that you would otherwise not use can be transformed into a usable terrace. Or you can transform an unused roofyop into a beautiful roof terrace. The construction of a decking therefore gives you more usable square meters. When you sell your property, you can put more usable square meters in the advertisement and your property is therefore worth more.

Then you have to choose a type of terrace: simply put, there are 3 types:

Type of terracePrice per m2Installation price per m2 (labor)Lifespan ±Total costs after 25 years
Softwood (spruce etc) € 15 € 20 8 years € 105 (€ 35 x 3)
Composite WPC € 40 € 20 15 years € 120
Hardwood € 60 € 20 25 years € 80

The first purchase is certainly the most expensive with hardwood, but in the long run, hardwood is the cheapest option because it has the longest lifespan. When labor costs are high (as in Western Europe) it is important to think carefully about the lifespan and maintenance.

The construction with decking boards

The construction with decking boards from Hardydeck is fast and therefore cheap. All planks are molded with a profile for invisible installation. This is also called clip installation and clip deck. This is not only more beautiful, but also faster to install. The clips ensure the mutual distance between the boards. At the same time, this distance ensures drainage between the boards. On average, clip decks can be installed 30% faster. With high laborcosts this makes a considerable difference. For the handy do-it-yourself man clips are easy to use. Read more about the installation instructions

Total costs of constructing a deck, an example:

Ipe hardwood decking boards 15m² € 697.50
Girders 37.5ml € 125.00
The clips with screws 900 pieces € 180.00
    € 1010.00

Composite or hardwood

There is definitely no clear consensus about composite decking – also called WPC –, but our experience is that composite is rather unreliable. Sometimes the quality is good and sometimes not at all. Unfortunately, the problems do not become apparent until much later. Relying on brand names is also difficult because the same brand itself also varies in quality. Solid hardwood, on the other hand, is stable over time and can easily be sanded so that it is completely new again. Composite planks are often hollow inside and therefore cannot be sanded. Below we show some photos of composite planks after 5 years of installation: