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teak wood

Teak is the most durable type of wood there is on the market. It is not without reason that teak is used for yachts that are forever exposed to the wind and weather.

The first things you notice is that teak wood is always one of the most expensive types of wood. Why? The reason for this is that teak is very valuable for both its durability and elegance. In addition to the beauty of teak, it also has natural properties that other types of wood do not have, or to a lesser extent.

teak has been the best type of wood for centuries

Teak has always been the Rolls Royce under the woods. The teak tree – Tectona Grandis – originally comes from the tropics. Many centuries ago, since about the 7th century, teak has been used to equip and decorate the homes of the powerful and wealthy. The reputation of teak wood found its way out of the region through the Dutch, who colonized Indonesia. The Dutch used the teak for shipbuilding. Teak makes an excellent ship’s timber due to its ability to repel dry rot. To this day, teak wood is widely used, mainly in the construction of expensive yachts. Why? It is particularly tasteful and the most durable type of wood. read more

teak is the most durable type of wood

Teak contains an abundance of natural oils and rubber that are trapped within the grain of the wood. Teak has the ability to retain its oils and rubber, even after it has been cut and processed. As a result, teak naturally has more weather-resistant properties than almost any other type of wood. When the wood has dried to a good moisture level – about 10 percent of its original content – the oils and rubber make the teak very weather resistant. Furthermore, the oils also protect the wood against dry rot, which is a common problem with wooden furniture that is a bit older. In addition, the oils and rubber protect the wood from invaders such as parasites and fungi. Other woods require weather-resistant oils and treatments to protect themselves; with teak this is much less necessary.

teak – penny wise and pound foolish

All this makes teak a perfect material for exterior wood. Over time, wood deteriorates and the wood changes from a honey-brown color to a silver-gray color. Initially teak is expensive but lasts a lot longer. This makes teak a good purchase in the end. In caves in western India, artifacts made of teak from over 2,000 years ago have been found intact. This is certainly astonishing for untreated wood. This also offsets the initial cost of teak, especially when you consider furniture replacement costs.