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Teak wood decktile 60x60cm


Dimensions 60 x 60 cm, thickness 38 mm

Sold per piece. 4 pieces equals 1.44 m²
Hardydeck outlet price per piece: € 34.95 incl. VAT
Why is Hardydeck’s price much lower?

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Teak wood decktile 60x60cm

Teak contains an abundance of natural oils and rubber that are trapped within the grain of the wood. Teak has the ability to retain its oils and rubber, even after it has been cut and processed. As a result, teak naturally has more weather-resistant properties than almost any other type of wood. When the wood has dried to a good moisture level – about 10 percent of its original content – the oils and rubber make the teak very weather resistant. Furthermore, the oils also protect the wood against dry rot, which is a common problem with wooden furniture that is a bit older. In addition, the oils and rubber protect the wood from invaders such as parasites and fungi. Other woods require weather-resistant oils and treatments to protect themselves; with teak this is much less necessary.

Deck tile consists of 8 slats
dimensions deck tile 60 x 60 cm, thickness 38 mm
Dimensions slats width 70 mm
Screwed together with 3 support slats
Durability Class 1
Fastened with stainless steel screws
Weight: 31.7 kg / m² – piece: 7.9 kg.
Color: varying from brown, over light brown to somewhat orange. After exposure to light for about 6-8 weeks, the color turns solid brown.
Botanical name: Tectona Grandis.
Quality requirements: if untreated teak grays out like any other wood. The wood can be stained with all common brands. First, degrease the surface. Aging is prevented with special teak oil and gives the wood extra shine. Screws and nails easily penetrate teak. Under normal circumstances they do not rust especially if it is stainless steel


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