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hardwood deck delivery

In principle all wood stock is located in a custom cleared warehouse in Antwerp and we sell from this warehouse at direct (cheap) export prices. However, sometimes we also have some stock in other locations in both Holland and France. If you are from another country, please send us your inquiry so we can send you a quote for your delivery.

Delivery. Delivery ONLY takes place with a delivery slip, this means that just going to our warehouse will result in a non delivery. In this warehouse all overseas import arrive and is not suitable for unannounced customer visits. Learn more about the Antwerp Outlet conditions

Delivery time. If you order with our delivery option, in general a working week is the usual delivery time. You may also always use your own trucking company.

Warranty. Since we sell in the EU, your purchase is under EU rules protected. This means that if the product is not as expected, you may return the goods within 14 days. In fact, we respect fully the terms and conditions of sale as outlined by the Netherlands Timber Trade Association (VVNH).

make the order
1) make your purchase selecting the correct quantities. We recommend you to buy an additional 5% due to cuttings and unexpected corners etc. There is always a loss in terms of square meters
2) select the correct zipcode for your delivery address. If you want to do your own trucking then select ‘I do my own delivery’

Prior to ordering we recommend you to buy a small sample which we will fully reimburse with your final order. Click here to order your sample now

Payment: Payment can be made by creditcard, paypal and other services (which all charge the us – the seller – 2,1%) or thru a simple wire transfer enjoying a 2,1%. Please advise us which payment form you prefer.