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teak boards 21mm thick x 80mm wide x length 60cm to 240cm


sold per piece (per board)
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The teak decking slats are 2.1cm thick, 8cm wide and have lengths between 60cm and 240cm.
The teak wood is extremely durable because it naturally has a particularly high oil and rubber content. Read more.
Teak decking boards are particularly friendly to walk on with bare feet, because teak is very stable, so there are hardly any cracks or splinters.
As always, teak is very suitable for decking but also boat decks, yachts, furniture and privacy protection.

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teak boards 21mm thick x 80mm wide x length 60cm to 240cm

Teak contains an abundance of natural oils and rubber that are trapped within the grain of the wood. Teak has the ability to retain its oils and rubber, even after it has been cut and processed. As a result, teak naturally has more weather-resistant properties than almost any other type of wood. When the wood has dried to a good moisture level – about 10 percent of its original content – the oils and rubber make the teak very weather resistant. Furthermore, the oils also protect the wood against dry rot, which is a common problem with wooden furniture that is a bit older. In addition, the oils and rubber protect the wood from invaders such as parasites and fungi. Other woods require weather-resistant oils and treatments to protect themselves; with teak this is much less necessary.


length board 60cm, length board 90cm, length board 120cm, length board 150cm, length board 180cm, length board 210cm, length board 240cm


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