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teak for yacht building

teak wood equals beauty and above all a stabile wood specie

Teak is the most expensive but also the most durable type of wood that exists. It is not without reason that it is used for yachts that are for ever exposed to the wind and weather.

Teak has been used for ship deck floors for centuries because it is highly resistant to the ever changing weather. The properties of teak, such as oil, fat, talc, resin content and porosity, depend on its origin and age. There is nothing like stepping barefoot on a teak bathing platform that has lain in the sun. Or by looking down a long, teak-covered bow from the captain’s seat on an endless sea of ​​water. Because of its beauty and consistent grain, teak is not only durable under harsh sea and weather conditions, but it is also naturally non-slip and easy to maintain. Teak gives a nice finish and is naturally more resistant to salt water than other types of wood. Therefore, teak requires limited care. This is because teak contains natural oils that prevent itself from rotting, even if it is left unfinished and exposed to the rain and the sun. These natural oils and regular cleanings will preserve your deck well into the future. There is no need to add layers of teak sealers or oils, except for a cosmetic appearance. But if you want to keep this look, use a teak sealer instead of oil. Oils darken the wood, making it hotter and smoother, undermining teak’s natural anti-slip surface.