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instructions installation deck

Construction with Hardydeck decking boards is fast and therefore cheap. All planks are molded with a profile for invisible installation. This is also called clip installation and clip deck. This is not only more beautiful, but also faster to install. Ipe and tigerwood hardwood are known for its stability and is therefore very suitable for a clip installation with invisible fastening clips. At the same time, the clips ensure the distance between the boards. This distance also ensures drainage between the boards. On average, clip decks are installed 30% faster compared to non clip decking.

hardwood Ipe and tigerwood decking boards with the clips

See the video below in which a step-by-step explanation of how to construct a decking with the invisible decking clips.

Tip: When installing the decking, try to have the plank staggered, so that you have a nice distance between the planks.

By installing the clips, the boards can be easily and quickly pushed together. The clips bend along with the boards, preventing cracks as much as possible. The clips provide an invisible fastening and this gives the decking a very stylish appearance.

Start and end clips

The start and end boards are secured with a special “start clip”. You screw this clip onto the girder of the substructure while the top of the clip leans on the decking board. The cap of the clip leans on the girder, pushing the clip onto the decking board at the correct height.

Maintenance and beauty

The hardwood planks are very strong and easy to wipe clean. This all adds to the shelf’s durability and longevity. With this type of wood, the smoothly planed top side absorbs little moisture and dirt. This makes it much easier to keep your terrace clean. Cleaning the deck is preferably done with a hard broom, so that algae do not have time to attach themselves. It is algae that make the plank slippery and smooth, not water.

It is very important that the wood can ventilate. The clips immediately set the planks at the correct mutual distance from each other, which guarantee ventilation.

Advantages of using clips

Screws create vulnerable and unsafe spots in the wood. You will not be bothered by that with the use of clips. In addition, you can reuse the planks, which makes the clip decking very durable. The clips pull the plank down (towards the joists). The clips will float unassembled, so also slightly above the girder. Because the plank may shrink a little in the future, this will prevent the plank from coming loose.

Is oiling necessary when installing decking boards with clips?

Under the influence of UV radiation, all types of wood discolor over time and become greyish. By using oil you add color pigment. This protects the wood against UV radiation. Oiling wood also provides a water-repellent layer so that “greenness” – such as algae – adhere less quickly.