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sample tigerwood decktile 60x60cm

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We will reimburse the full amount of your sample with your final order

Before you buy your deck we recommend you to buy a sample first. Just to make sure that this is the color and wood that you want.

Remember that wood is a natural product and that there are always color variations. However, the sample represents your future order. In fact, we just cut some boards to make these samples.

When buying a deck we always recommend to add 5% to your order for cuttings (in the corners etc). So if your deck is 20m², then we recommend you to buy 5% more: 21m².

In respect of quality we carry the exact same quality (or even better) but the price is much lower. This is because we are an outlet for the Bolivian sawmill so you enjoy direct export prices. For this reason we also do not provide any technical support or any other service that increase the price.

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1 review for sample tigerwood decktile 60x60cm

  1. mary e roberts

    In the beginning I was hesitating between ipe and bankirai but ipe is much more stable than bankirai and there is also a lot of illegal wood from Indonesia that we should not even consider

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