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laying boards

Build your tigerwood decking – installing the decking boards

installation of tigerwood decking boards with visible screws. Learn more about building your decking support framework

Laying the planks: Make sure you make an excellent with your first row so that the other planks will follow more easily. Keep a minimum of 5 mm between the decking boards and 1 or 2 mm on the end to end. The holes are drilled with a 4.5 mm drill bit. The screws in this project are pozidriv (PZ2) in A2 stainless steel (at best A4) with a diameter of 5 and a length of 50 or 60 mm.

It is necessary to share the work: 1 which marks the places to be drilled and which screws, the other which makes the holes. With practice, the one who does the marking goes much faster than the one who makes the holes. At the end of the day, we can assess the speed of the assembly: 32 min for 1.5 m2. If we stick to that, we should put 26 × 32 min = 853 min = 14 hours of work approximately for 40 m2 !!!

The machine is launched, the rhythm is fast, the only downside is the sun which is beating down, we cook at almost 50° in the sun !!! We improvise gray areas and have meals on the go, bad weather is forecast for the weekend…. Well there is no guide except that of the pickle in salad. And it’s very good. Fatigue is felt, you arrive on the corner of the terrace, you have to use the scraps to finish the last m2, the final boards are the ones that have been put aside (twisted, stained, split …) in short, a clever cutting and “gathering” manages to make the whole aesthetic. Finally, the angle and the side are cut out using a circular saw and a mason’s ruler following a line drawn with a chalk line. A rectangle is left empty to fill it later with white pebbles and a Provence cypress.

You have to be quick, the day ends and tomorrow it’s raining !!!

Here is the finished work for a modest terrace but it remains to sand the few marks, to put a decking finish and it is essential to maintain it regularly while knowing that wood will gray sooner or later. I therefore wish good luck to those who are going to embark on this type of construction and I would like to congratulate the professionals who are real artists for making gigantic terraces with patterns.