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build your decking

build your tigerwood decking – decking framework

The joists, the girder and the installation of the support posts determines the height of the entire structure. Once finished installing the decking framework, learn more about installing the deckingboards

First, we need to do the installation of reinforced joists. With the installation along the wall you need to take into the thickness of the joists + boards. In this project we make use of impregnated softwood, but I also stained all the woods (even if they are already impregnated) with 2 layers. Is this really necessary? What I notice is that the so-called impregnated woods are not really treated “to the core”. Furthermore, make sure that there is no “water trap” on the surface which will remain exposed to the weather.

The framework is laid, the rest will follow automatically. We can note that the thickness of the plaster of the wall is irregular. Therefore, do not rely on the plaster for the dimensions !! Size of the girder we use in this project is 145x 60 × 4000. Joist size is: 60x70x4000

Make sure there is no “water trap” on the surface that will remain exposed to the weather. Installation of support posts. They are 180 to 200 in diameter (recovery pipes) over a length of 50 to 60cm. We first make a hole 25-30 cm deep then we adjust the height by pushing them into the ground (here, the ground is sand so it is deeper than on earth or rock garden of course). We can put concrete blocks vertically that we fill with concrete in the cells too. In short, all ideas are good, the main purpose is to properly adjust the height of your supports!

Check with the installation of the joists, spaced of 1m30 between each of the joists, fixing of the entire framework (joists to joists) with easydrive type screws, joist hangers and plates. Note that the brackets are placed in a pvc tube ready to receive the concrete.

Filling the concrete studs (normal cement mixed with quick setting cement) and finish screwing the rafters

To better penetrate the screws without splitting the wood, paraffin helps enormously. The screwing is done with a portable screwdriver with variable torque limitation + 2 batteries (€ 38 in a DIY store). And to pass your electrical sheaths and water pipes …