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hardwood wholesale

Hardydeck is a privately owned hardwood mill, milling ipe and tigerwood. It has its own private concessions and its own fleet of heavy machinery. It is located in Bolivia, just across the border from Brazil (7 km). The main products are ipe deck in 90mm, 120mm and 140/145mm wide, ipe deck tiles and tigerwood decking and flooring. Read more about the mill

ipe decking for direct export prices with local EU guarantees

Just recently Hardydeck has opened a direct Outlet in Antwerp, Belgium. Thru this outlet Hardydeck is now able to supply ipe decking for direct export prices with local guarantees:

For example:
Ipe decking 21 x 140 x 7’ and up for as little as USD 2280/m3 FOB Arica, Chile*

In Antwerp (custom cleared and due diligence responsibility with Hardydeck)
Ipe decking 21 x 140 x 7’ and up for as little as EUR 2180/m3 CFR + VAT*
This price includes sea freight, THC Antwerp, unloading in a custom warehouse in Antwerp.
*Actual pricings must always be confirmed in writing

Your benefits purchasing your hardwood ipe decking thru Hardydeck Outlet:

  • Hardydeck has the same prices as its competitors from Brazil, Bolivia, etc but without the risky overseas business.
  • Inspection in Antwerp (risk free direct export prices)
  • Legal wood responsibility is with Hardydeck (thru the subsidiary Norbert Trading BV, Netherlands)

In general:
Payment terms are 20% in advance and balance against delivery in Antwerp
delivery 6 – 8 weeks counting from advance payment to an European IBAN (not some South American bank account)
PS: We do not give any credit term because we already finance the concession, logging, cutting, transport, molding, packing and ocean transport all the way to Antwerp (total ± 6 months)

So, if you need ipe decking risk free with overseas prices, please send us your inquiry at info[a]