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residential deck

First step; deck design – Building a wooden terrace
It is ultimately the wood we chose to keep architectural unity with our wooden house. We are very focused on building speeds so we chose for a terrace on concrete blocks which are fixed on a structure of beams. Supporting joists that receives the floor (see STEPS PROJECT).

We put on paper, the plan of the terrace and ideas have enriched our thinking on our outdoor ipe decking design.
The constructive system, Starting with a plan in mind. To build a deck, several solutions exist for both elements structural finishes for the floor. Among the various possibilities (all concrete, stone, wood … everything) we focused on a mixed construction system (for concrete foundation pads) which leaves a large wood (wood joists, wood blade).

The important thing was to limit the use of concrete blocks on the implementation of foundation as few as possible. For this we went on a support structure beam section large enough (197mm x 72mm joists of) to increase the span length by minimizing the number of blocks.

The frame is fixed to the deck joists through iron shoes leaving 50 cm spacing between the beams of which come to fixing the decking by means of clips (to prevent the screws apparent).

Foundations – from paper to the field. Once the plan is approved and the design must roll up their sleeves and to work. We must take action, locate the precise location of concrete blocks that will support the structure of the deck and mark the contours of the patio. For this we can help pickets (iron, wood …) and string (or cord). This allows for a clearer picture on the rendering the paper deck size, or change the original plan a confrontation with reality spaces. The implementation is the first act concrete construction of the terrace and will determine the rest of the site.

Once the deck and concrete footings are put in place, we must measure approximately the height between the ground and the floor level for assembly of joists. Solid foundation, it is important

Once the concrete blocks were placed, they are leveled and have dried for at least 1 week, prepare the installation of the support structure joists. First, some beams were placed on concrete pads to show levels according to the lower part of the woodwork.

Upgrading and leveling the deck framework and the total building structure

Everything is a matter of leveling. Once assembled structure, we must check the levels of the structure to facilitate the work of laying of wooden decking boards. This operation is essential which can be tedious if executed wrongly when laying wooden ipe decking.

It is we will soon be able to walk on our terrace. The laying of the first decking board is always tricky because it is that which determines in part the entire deck installation.

The installation of the decking of the rounded portion (half orthogonal) must allow to break the monotony of the alignment of the part of the rectangle terrace (16x3m).

The finish is the final touch of your beautiful ipe decking

Laying decking boards of finish can dress up the exposed beams (joists) of the support structure of the terrace.

Construction of a brick planter fairground is a mixture of brick and wood. Building a brick wall to create a flower fairground and mingle stone woods has been a milestone rather long and tedious.

Sound and Light; incorporated decking with space and its light. Towards a multimedia outdoor (under construction) Before the step of attaching the wooden slats on the terrace, we busy to pull cables of different networks (electric, pregnant TV and telephone) in the ducts and to counter taking care of hide ductwork and make up in the attic of the house. The idea is to make a terrace room with sound and light design and later an outdoor lounge.