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Border Clips – 50 pieces


Border Clips are to be used as start- and end clips. Stainless steel, for invisible installation, sold per 50 pieces

These start clips are used to fix the first and last ipe and tiger shelf to the support post in an invisible way. The border clip is first screwed to the support post, where the decking board can then be pushed into.

Border Clips to be used as start and end clips

The clips must first be attached to the support post. Then the groove of the shelf can be slid in. To attach the last decking board, it works the other way around: first attach the decking board and then screw the starting clip to the support post.

The advantage of this attachment is that the clips move with the wood, so that no cracks will occur. In addition, the entire fastening system is virtually invisible from above. The fastening is designed in such a way that fastening is very easy and fast. The border clips themselves are made of stainless steel.

tips for fastening the border clips

  • Always provide sufficient support. We recommend support posts every 30 cm
  • Always place an extra support beam and clip at end seams – the two parts that are placed against each other
  • Never allow two boards depend on the same side on one clip

Of course we are happy to assist you with the above tips & instructions, but it is your responsibility to determine whether this product is suitable for the application you require. You select and use these products independently and are therefore responsible for the end result. Based on our knowledge & experience + all available information, Hardydeck tries to inform you as well as possible, but no rights can be derived from this.



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