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Chain of Custody

EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) requires a ‘due diligence system’, which is nothing more then prove of legal origin of the wood. A simple statement from the supplier is definitely not enough, the EU importer must investigate and ensure that the wood imported into the EU is from a legal origin. Ideally this compliance is achieved with a chain of custody (CoC). This is the chain of custody of Hardydeck:

In the diagram we see 4 steps, these are the steps describing the production process of the lumber

  1. it all starts with the forest management plan which in short is a map with all the trees numbered and a accompanying list of the numbered trees. This is the concession and has a concession number (in Bolivia this is POAF..number…)
  2. once approved the trees will be felt and logged to a logging site. The logging site is inspected at any time and all trees must be numbered. These numbers must correspond with the stomp left behind in the forest. Inspections are to verify the size of the diameter from both the stomp and the log. Once verified and approved a transport certificate is issued which must be kept with the logs while transporting at all times. The transport certificate contains the concession number and a list of numbered logs.
  3. the logs together with its transport certificate arrives at the saw mill and also here random inspections take place verifying the stock of logs with its numbers and its diameters.
  4. once milled the logs are converted from logs into boards with a fixed conversion. In Bolivia for ipe this is 45% of 1m³ round wood while 1m³ round wood equals 424 board feet (bft), so from each 1m³ round wood is milled 45% x 424bft = 190,8bft. so if there are 100 logs in a mill and 100.000bft of sawn boards then there must be certificates for the exact same 100 logs and an additional quantity of 100.000bft / 190,8bft = 524 m³ round wood.
  5. for export the same transport certificate is issued, showing the concession number which enables full traceability of the exported boards.

Therefore: Buying from Hardydeck – as a hardwood supplier and mill – your legal prove of origin enjoys a single supply chain. No middleman, no shady mixed quantities of boards from different origins; one single source which is traceable! Therefore, Hardydeck direct outlet provides not only a much better price and quality control but also a sustainable chain of custody thru which legal wood is guaranteed.